Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Am In Pain

I am in bad pain today and it just makes me feel sick. Most of the day I have been laying down and sleeping. It is pretty normal for me to be laying down but sleeping is reserved for days when the pain REALLY sucks, when I have to take a whole pill not a half.
I am looking forward to getting the mail today and spend hours filling out some sort of questionnaire for the doctor...the old guy the lawyer sent me to. Sorry for the disparaging remarks but God...they are old and are in charge of my future in a sense. Seems as though the WC system relies heavily on older doctors who have nothing to do but write reports. This one barely asked anything! No pain levels, not what I do during a normal day, not much. Oh they all perform these tests to trick you...but for heaven's sake after 6 years maybe I am done and the tests prove nothing. What you see is what you get. Lift my legs, twist me, prod my back, give me black and blues on my shoulder with the asinine squeezing...I was injured by a frigging box falling on me and my life is spent pretty much laying around and crying.
I am a whiner...I am sorry to be that. Life feels heavy. Haaaaaaaaa!!! Life is suffering. Spare me.

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