Sunday, July 2, 2017

House Mouse Girls

I have owned this red rubber House Mouse stamp for many years.  I remember exactly where I was when I bought it.  There was a wonderful stamp store in St. Mary's, Georgia run by a FUN woman named, Paula.  Every December on the way down here to Florida, Bob and I would stop and shop in Old Town Crafts.  We would pull up and there was a bubble machine outside, hence her email name, Bubbles.  I cannot tell you how excited I would be every year to arrive in St. Mary's.  Bob and I were "new" then and I knew I had a "keeper" when he patiently wandered through the stamp store and bought me some goodies like this adorable lipstick House Mouse stamp.  There is something special about pulling out an old stamp set and coming up with something new that you have never created before.  I bought this die with all the holes in it from AliExpress and if you do not know what that is...I  refuse to enable you.  I am addicted!  I can't take the credit for seeing "cheese" someone beat me to it.  I was thinking outer space when I saw it.  Maybe the girls will be on Mars next time round.  Martians wear lipstick, right?

Paula Amari 1945 - 2010

I am updating this because I suddenly remembered Paula's name and when I did a search I discovered that she suffered a catastrophic brain aneurysm and passed away in 2010.  A sad loss for the world as she was such an incredible light.  Her laugh... I can hear it as I sit here typing.   Tonight.. I am remembering Paula Amari. 

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