Saturday, July 29, 2017

Best Vacation is With Grandkids!

Had a wonderful vacation with Bob, my son, Josh, his awesome wife Annie and three of my grandchildren who are absolutely PERFECT!  Disney time, pool time and a really fun dinner at the Hoop de Doo!  Sorry it had to end!!!

Bob, Jack & TacoNacho, Ryan, Me & Caroline

Epcot Germany
That Face! LOL

Hoop De Doo!

After a 100 pound weight loss
Thanks be to God!

Oh and by the way.....  I went into the pool.  In a bathing suit!  I never would have imagined that back in 2015 when I looked like this...
100 pounds heavier!

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  1. Hi There, Thanks for coming to my blog.... We've been on vacation so I couldn't write you back quickly.... Congrats on the weight loss... I lost 100 pounds in 2012 --and have kept 'most' of it off... It's harder for me to keep the weight off than it was to lose it....

    Looked like a great vacation.


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