Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Texture on Cards

 Day 4 of class was about adding texture to cards.  One way was to add stitching.  I have enough trouble with my eyes that it makes this one really tough.  I attempted to do the "fill in" type of stitching but it is really difficult to see where the next stitch goes, so, I did the outline stitch.  Not my favorite card and not my favorite technique.

Not to say I would not try this again... maybe my eyes will work better someday.


  1. STOP saying 'not my favorite card' lol I love how you are stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new know someone will see these and come up with another idea and run with it, so just think of all the people you are inspiring....maybe say....'perhaps this is your favorite technique kind of card' lol It's all about how you think! :) (ooh run on sentence much?) lol

    1. LOL!!! Donna you are so cute! (and so right!)

  2. You did a great job with the stitching; you know how much trouble I have with this technique!! It adds nice texture to your project.


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