Monday, February 16, 2015

Three swap cards and a whine.

No news about my iMac repair.  Seems as though the guy I brought it to has a lot on his plate, so who can tell how long it will take for him to actually fix my computer.

In the meantime I am on this Toshiba and am really hating the keyboard.  I think I find one or two errors in each sentence.  I never thought I had a light touch when I type but, this is getting bothersome.

My left arm that has been paining me is still in pain, but, might be a bit better.  Did I go to a doctor?  No.  I asked my doctor, in passing, when I brought my mother-in-law in for her checkup.  He showed me two exercises I could do and I have been kinda - sorta doing them.  I cannot lift my left arm beyond half way above the waist so whipping my hair into a hair clip has been impossible.  The pain is not as intense so I have stamped and that is all that really matters, right?  LOL!!!

Here are a couple cards I have been making for swaps.

Inside message; A Joyous Easter

The other big issue about a broken down computer is that I cannot seem to get picture's off of my camera.  Very frustrating!!


  1. All three of your cards are very pretty. Very cute Easter tree. The colors in your Keep Calm card are very cheery. And I really love your blue thank you card. The layout is awesome, and the blues are gorgeous. Great job!

  2. Wishing your computer well....I hate that! These are beautiful cards, loving the Easter Egg Tree!


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