Friday, November 21, 2014

Today while visiting Lisa Babitz' blog I fell in love with her folded tree tag and decided to give her tutorial a try.  Here is my first attempt.
The paper I used was too heavy but the tutorial was great!!  I actually was able to make a tree.  There is a base that you can't see here but when I put it onto a card or tag you will see that I used a torn cardboard box, the corrugated exposed kind.  THANK you Lisa!  Awesome.

        Tea Bag Fold Tree Tutorial

Oh, and the mail came.  I never post picture's of my delievered stash but today, with phone camera handy, here is my order from Frantic Stamper.  She does really quick shipping and is incredibly fair with her shipping costs.  Also has great sales.

So, there are two IO cover the card stamps... one being Harlequin.  There is a Northwoods Farm scene wood mount rubber stamp and some dies... lovebird cats, a barbed wire fence, a pine branch and a hearts border.  I am already thinking ahead to February!   I love the mailman!


  1. Yay! You made a tea bag fold tree - great job!! Great loot, too! Have fun with it!!

  2. What a fun fold - I've seen this before but have never tried it myself - looks great! Also your new stash looks wonderful! Have fun with your new goodies!


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