Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On Stamp Nation World Cardmaking Day was celebrated by all of these great inspirational pictures from different photographs around the world. The inspiration was from Norway in this challenge.  

I came up with this glitter technique in a round about way.  I was looking at this technique on this blog;  Jennifer Rzasa  I then realized I do have quite a bit of glitter and if I use the ones from the colors I see in the picture, I can make my little Silhouette bird house cutout, into a card.

I used a sticker paper, the kind you print out mailing labels on and poured the glitters on, and burnished it.  What a mess glitter makes.  A happy mess.  I will try to forget I have glitter for awhile.  *smile*

Inside I stamped my little House Mouse Mudpie who has clearly eaten all of the birdseed.  I am sorry I don't have a bird to put on the outside.. maybe I can add one later.  

The challenges are fun and I am using art supplies I haven't used in awhile so, win win!

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