Friday, September 5, 2014

Something a little off topic for my blog this morning.  I live in Florida and we have The Gopher Tortoise living amongst us.  They burrow down under the ground leaving these big mounds, eat ground vegetation and are as quiet as can be!  We have a gopher tortoise living here in the neighborhood and he/she had built a burrow across the street at a house no one has lived in for a few years.  Now that the house is for sale the people made some changes to Poke's burrow.  

 I named it POKE because of it's less than quick nature. Recently Poke has been missing.  Here are pictures of Pokes old burrow and what on earth are the white balls?  Eggs?  Curious and worried in Florida!

Maybe I need to go back with a better camera and get a close up.  

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