Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Emilio Jesus Bautista

2/20/2012 - 4/28/2012

This is Emilio Jesus Bautista from Florida.  I first read what happened to baby Emilio in the Tampa Bay Times on April 16th. 2012.  Just reading what happened to this poor little baby was nearly unbearable.  Emilio was just seven weeks old when his 18 year old mother got fed up with his crying and held him under 142 degree running water.  Over his head, his face, and his whole body.  She admits he screamed.  She did this at 1 p.m. and did not take him to the hospital until 10 p.m.  

The police have said it was the most horrific child abuse cases they have seen in years.   His skin was bubbling, his eyes and ears burned, his scalp.  I am sorry to be graphic but I need to explain why Emilio is on my blog. 

For twelve days Emilio and the medical team in the burn unit at Tampa General Hospital, fought for his life.  In the end, I am sure that Jesus scooped little Emilio into his loving arms and brought him to the place where there is no suffering, no pain, no brutality.  

I don't want to forget little Emilio.  I want to keep him in my mind as I see a young woman in the grocery store struggling with getting her baby into the cart.  Reach out.  I want to really look at young mothers not through them and reach out to them if they need help.  I want to offer my help if a young mother needs some time off from caring for her precious child.  I am pro-life and in saying that I bear responsibility to reach out to young women and men who bring life into the world. 

Emilio Jesus Bautista

BAUTISTA, Emilio Jesus (Infant), 2 months, of Oldsmar, died April 28, 2012. Survivors: mother, Chekayla; grandparents, Roy and Elethia; and loving family. Dobies FH Tarpon

Arrest Report
Port Richey Woman Accused of Burning Baby


  1. Oh Mary.....thank you for this reminder to each of us, to reach out and help one another.

    This is so heart breaking, but I'm glad you were graphic...it is what it is, and we need to pray for these precious children and people in stress.....

  2. Thank you Delores... I really know that I go through my day with my head in the clouds. Hope to remember this as I shop because honestly last year I saw a family go into a Winn Dixie. There was a mother, father, three children. They bought one big can of ravioli and as I stood in the checkout with my fresh strawberries I just knew these people were going to share this for dinner. I wanted to offer them something but was not quite sure how. It is something I am going to work at though.


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