Saturday, March 17, 2012

I really haven't had any new insight about Alzheimer's or dementia... whatever ugly thing is rearing its' ugly head with Betty.  I keep thinking I get ahead of my impatience or my surprise with something she says or does, but no, one day is another and I am still at point B.

Yesterday I brought our dinner over to her house to prepare as we have been every Friday.  I arrived to find two little half pints of ice cream in the fridge not the freezer.  We mentioned that those things need to be kept in the freezer as they are ice cream and Betty is quick as lightening to say that she was just trying to choose which one to eat.  Every thing is still quick as lightening when excuses are being made.  A part of me wishes that we were beyond that point but then that would probably mean that Betty's disease has progressed and I don't want that for her.

We have had a hell of a time with her being sick with a cold since March 1st. (and giving it to me) as she rather denies that she is ill.  A cold is not "sick," supper is not dinner, I eat a handful of cereal so I can loll in bed until noon.  When I told her she had stayed in bed until 5:15 p.m. one day she denied that she had done that.  There is of course no sense in trying to get her to listen to your reality because it is NOT going to happen.  When weeks went by and she is still saying she can't come over or she is staying in bed, I try to get her to the doctor.  Not happening!  She claims I am making it up, that she is not ill.  So, I am tired as always and bogged down with my own coughing fits.

Back pain just increases with coughing and being exhausted does not help to do mindful pain erasing.  All in all I feel blah.

                                                      Thank God for Puff's Plus!!!

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