Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mini Vacation

Betty is spending almost a week at her niece's house so that has left Bob and me on a mini vacation, one that we desperately needed.  I find myself so caught up in Alzheimer's World that at times I wonder if I am starting to lose myself.

We have not done anything special, just appreciated the quiet time to read and sit.  It is amazing how different it is when she is here with us.  I have always said that Betty is a "talker" and doesn't really spend a lot of time reading or watching television.  This means that she expects to talk and go back and forth in conversation.  Neither Bob or I are big talkers and most often find ourselves sitting across from each other reading or on the computer only occasionally sharing something we come across online or in a book.  It is what we enjoy and I suppose one of the reasons we gravitated to each other.  I am so content in the quiet with TV on in the background, or not.

When Betty is here she has just lately started to work in her crossword puzzle book while still "talking" during her search for the words that will fit into the boxes. Whether it is asking what a word means or the name of a person or better yet, mentioning that the pencil she is using is from a golf course she visited ten years ago.  She is still deeply entrenched in the negative stories of her childhood.  Well, negative about others.  She is not negative about herself unless she brings it to the current,  "I'm stupid"  "I haven't lost my mind" or "I'm a dumby."  Anytime she forgets something that she becomes aware of or anytime she reacts negatively to some helpful act of mine she comes back with the self put down.   I tell her I don't want to hear her talk about herself like that.

We will be picking Betty up on Thursday this week and then she flies back home with Paula on the 23rd.  We will have a brief reprieve and then head down on the 4th. of October.  It feels overwhelming aready!!!!  This is where I type, LOL and pretend I am laughing.

On Friday after Betty leaves we will be driving up to visit Josh, Annie, Caroline and Jackson.  I will miss them so much while we are gone but will set up Skype again when we arrive.  It is so good to see them while we chat.  I love technology!!!! (and, exclamation points)

Miss Booey will have some more hotel time.  She is a girl after my own heart.  This time I am prepared with a small whisk broom so if she tracks litter I can clean it.  She was humiliated during her last stay...
Miss Booey found her own bed at Microtel

This is what Miss Booey's travel cabin looks like. It is so comfy and safe.. with port holes so that she can look out.  It also sits very high so that she can stand and watch the cars and trucks pass.  This was well worth the money spent and we use it for any long rides.

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