Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Question of Rest

Today is Tuesday, the day we take Betty to her niece's house for a couple days so that we can get some rest.  I noticed on the ride there that she barely said a word.  I assure you that Betty not speaking is like me not eating...ok what's wrong?

I reflected later, on the ride home, that Betty is acting out "the good girl" more and more.  It seems apparent that the reason for this behavior is the need to feel safe and that she worries that if she is too much trouble we might not bother with her.

The problem with the dam short term memory loss is that even if I reassure her that we will be picking her up on Friday she forgets that info within minutes.   No matter how much you try to give her information that should calm her fears it is in and out...poof.

What a cruel disease this is.  Even writing down in a calendar that we will pick her up she can't recall the need to open a calendar.  Even with Bob calling twice a day she can't hold the safe feeling.  It is pathetic really. 

It is like a baby not knowing if someone will come and feed it, its cries getting stronger and louder as it worries that food might not come.   I hate this disease.  I really do.

As for rest...do I seem to be resting? 

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