Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lesson Learned

We were able to get Betty to a walk-in clinic on Tuesday to have her foot and ankle looked at.  They did an x-ray and examined it and seemed to come up with three possibilities.
   One; She broke her toe. 
   Two; She has cellulitis.
   Three; She has gout.
The x-ray showed a little line on her big toe but she has lines on all her toes from arthritis.   Cellulitis can come from an injury and she had that.  She refused the blood test for gout because she refuses to have gout.  LOL!

Here is where the lesson comes in.  When asked if she was allergic to any medications, Betty responded, "No."  I mentioned that she is allergic to fruits due to the spray.  Suddenly I realized that I had no idea if Betty was allergic to any medications.  I realize I have no idea what procedures she has had.  I am in the dark sitting there.

I used my cell and called her primary care doctor in Florida.  Luckily we had Betty sign the forms in Florida so that her doctor can talk to us.  I explained that we were at a clinic and that the doctor had mentioned giving Betty antibiotics.  I needed to know if she is allergic to medications.  They took my number and told me that they would bring her files to the doctor and then get back to me, which they did in about ten minutes.  I was a bit surprised when they came back and said that she did indeed have some allergies... Percocet, steroids, and something called stalol.  (Note to self; list those at Walgreen's)

We left the clinic with a prescription for an antibiotic and Betty in a flat hard bottom velcro shoe.  They said they would call tomorrow after the radiologist got a chance to look at the film.  We then drove Betty to her niece's house where she would spend a few days in a one story house...unlike ours.   I stopped at Walgreen's and got her pills and also an ice pack so that she can wrap it to keep the swelling down.

When we arrive at home the telephone rings and it is the clinic asking for Betty.  Of course I say she isn't here and they say, "Of course we can only talk to her."  ARGHHH!  So I say that she is not here and I will have her get back to them...and ask if it is drastic such as her whole foot is broken.  The woman said that it wasn't and that she could get back to them.  She mentioned that a podiatrist would be calling.

I am so mad at myself for not having Betty tell them to give us the information.  I forget about this HIPPA thing that prevents them from talking to anyone but the patient.  Lesson learned, every time we go to a doctor or clinic we need to go through the process of Betty giving them permission to speak to us.  I am wondering if there is a way to get "permanent" permission. 

To top it off the podiatrist called and wanted to set up an appointment for September 23rd. the day Betty is flying back to Florida.  Oy Vey!  I guess the whole thing is not all that important if the appointment is that far off.  LOL! 

I am just hoping that the foot heals soon so that it doesn't turn out to be...GOUT!  LOL!!!

All in all the clinic was a great place...wonderful people working there. 

Ready Med Clinic Massachusetts

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