Friday, July 16, 2010

From Diet Books to Alzheimer's Books

I am addicted to books and they are piled in my living room against the wall, stacked in bookcases on all four floors. I have a pile of Diet books that would put any library to shame. Eat More, Weigh Less, The Best Life Diet, Ab's Diet, The Dieter's Prayer name it and I have it. Clearly hope lies deep within.

Now I am on a new path..Alzheimer's World. What a world! Yesterday I opened my latest shipment from; I Can Remember: A Daily Journal for People With Memory Problems 

This is a great possibility if I can get Betty to use it! 

The layout is similar to a workbook. There are two pages for each day beginning with; Today is... (day of week) (month) (date) (year)

What's the weather today? (Circle one) Followed by pictures of a sun, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain and snow

What did I do this morning? Then you give yes or no answers to a few questions such as; Go to bathroom, brush teeth, wash face, shower, get dressed, read the paper, take my pills

What did I have for breakfast?

What are my plans for today?

What did I have for lunch?

Whom did I see or talk to today?

What did I do this afternoon?

What did I eat for dinner?

Anything special on television?

Did I take my evening pills?

How do I feel today?

It would be wonderful if Betty would use this but she balks at every suggestion. Right now she seems to be in excuse mode even when they make no sense. There is a lot to stay on top of and a lot to try to dance around to try to help someone who denies they need help.

I need to walk the fine line of helping with important things like pills and letting her do as much as she can because...use it or lose it!

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