Saturday, July 24, 2010

All's Swell

I am so glad that Betty's ferry trip home went well.  No snags at all.  So, as I said, I needed to let go and stop being so anxious because all was fine.  Pat called just as Bob was grabbing Betty's luggage from one of the crew.  She was checking to make sure all was well and it was!

It was interesting when Betty got back here she asked if everything was ok?  I said there was no problem and asked what she meant?  Then she went upstairs and came back down and said, in a very firm voice, "I'm sorry but I think something is wrong.  Since I got back I notice something is wrong.  Did Pat say anything to you?  I didn't do anything wrong."  I just said that I was not sure why she was feeling that way but that nothing was wrong.  Tried to reassure her and then Bob came down and said, "Mom, I didn't give you an official welcome home."  That seemed to cheer her up and she let the "feelings" go that something was wrong.  I think she was feeling that Pat had said something to us about her week and she couldn't seem to accept that Pat and I had not really talked.

We have already played a game of cards and until eight cards Betty does really well.  Starting at eight cards she counts over and over but even with it taking a bit long she can still play and today...she WINS!  

We will get settled in and start a new week.  I am feeling good about the lesson of; Letting Go.

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