Sunday, March 22, 2009

Miss Booey and The Cutest Pet Contest

Miss Booey is quiet excited to announce that she has entered her picture in "The Cutest Pet" (feel free to click there and vote for Miss Booey) contest our local newspaper. She borrowed the first $5.00 (entry fee) from me and THEN had the audacity to ask for $10.00 additional for 40 through votes! She has explained to me the money, 25 cents per vote, supports the NIE program. (Newspapers In Education) Seemed like a good cause so I did lend her the money but I am really wondering if I will ever get paid back!

I told her she should have used this picture because it has a, "YOU BETTAH VOTE FOR ME" look...don't you think?

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  1. Gee Mary, I hate to burst your bubble but I think your chances of being paid back are slim to none unless you're willing to take them in I would most definately vote for her, who could resist those eyes. Barb


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