Monday, January 19, 2009

Missing Butt in Action

I have clearly not posted for a long time. I have no excuse or reason, just an explanation that I have been visiting a mother-in-law and re-starting my diet efforts. I have lost 7 pounds thus far but (and that is a BIG BUTT) I have 70 to go. Grrr!!

I can't post the underwear pic's I took because they are just awful. I am so ashamed of them. It was important to take the pictures because I need to have something to look at for motivation. Trust me when I say that these are more than enough motivation. I do not recognize this hideous beast before me.

Not today, but soon I will have my hubby take a neck down picture of me in tight clothing. I will post that.
It makes me sad, mad, angry and dismayed.

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