Thursday, November 6, 2008

Caroline & Josh Visit

Last night Josh called and asked if Bob and I would like to go out to lunch. Well, yeah! He had just sent me the greatest video covering the expanse of time when Caroline started walking. It was funny to go up in September and she was walking so fun to see how she got there. She is getting so big and for us, probably because we don't see her all the time, it is amazing every time we see her. They only live in NH but it is fairly long ride. Now that Josh has a church up there we don't see them as often. I miss being able to go and hear him preach. Hoping that after football season maybe I can get Bob to stay over one Saturday and go to church the next day. that would be great!! Better yet, serve them waffles on Saturday and go to church on Sunday. Now you're talking. I love my waffle maker...have waffle maker will travel is my motto.

This is my granddaughter Caroline..a real beauty!

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