Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It is November?

I have no idea how that happened. It is November already and I have not posted for a month. One thing is sure and that is the hearing is on the 14th. and I am so anxious about it I am making myself ill. I have gained weight, can't sleep and my pain levels are just beyond belief. Yesterday a form came from my lawyer...a state form. One of the questions is..What is your spouses employment? Now I ask you..whet relevence is that to this issue? It all leads back to my suspicion that in order to save the insurance companies money they do everything to not pay the injured. If my husband makes enough at his job they can not feel badly if they do not require the insurance company to continue to pay. Doesn't matter if I am in pain and unable to work. Call me paranoid but seriously...why on earth does my husband being employed have any relevence?

I added the Christmas tree widget which says there are 49 days til Christmas. I will be back in a bit to chit chat about that!

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