Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Trust or Lack Thereof

I find it interesting that I have gone through life not trusting a single man. LOL!!!! Of course from a very early age I was taught that men can't be trusted. Not my father, any boyfriends, not husband number one who was married when he married me, not husband number two who admited after our divorce that he spent some lovely groping time in a closet with a friend of mine, and either three is a charm or three strikes your out. I want to trust but there is always this "feeling" and I can't quite "jump in." Sometimes I am so cynical I make even myself ill. LOL
I had a VIOLENT reaction to the idea of having a MANNY. Spare me! I would never have a boy babysit or a male nanny for either girl or boy. Experience has taught me and I choose to err on the side of being overly cautious!!!

My cats have been most faithful. LOL Bad day! Haaaaaa!!!!

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